Fresh photos from Warhammer World

   We continue to collect the most interesting photos from Warhammer World and envy those, who can attend it.

   Kharadron Overlords have all the chances to become the most iconic army of Age of Sigmar instead of Stormcast Eternals.

   There are rumors about new gaming mode in Age of Sigmar - the siege. It should be quite interesting. Especially if they will add more fortresses and siege machines.

   The most interesting part of this photo is not Ravenwing bikers, but Custodians painted in Ultramarines colors.

After the Infiltrators had their rules changes, they are nice only to play as plague zombies.

Regardless of the age, the Canonnes' miniature can still look perfect, if well painted.

   Regardless of all the arguments, there are still guys who change Khorne Blood Warriors into Berserkers from 40K.

What's the biggest wargame event, you have visited?