Modular terrain ideas

   Today we'll tell you how to use modular terrain based on standard Games Workshop buildings. Such terrain is useful when you play on the flat table with battle mat - it's not really suitable for GW plastic gaming boards.

   The point is that the buildings are placed on square bases 12x12 inches. One ruin fills the quarter of the plate. The advantage is that it's really easy to move and connect such buildings due to the similar base. For this base you can use plastic, corrugated carton, or any other material like this. 

   It's very important to think about the building's shape in advance, especially if you make it from two parts, which will be connected with some kind of bridge. 

   Pay attention - not all the details are taken as they are. You are making ruins, so it's ok for them to look damaged. Feel free to bite the walls with the clippers or any way you like - this will also bring material for the piles of garbage in the yard.

   If you lack plates, you can use plastic, decorated with some original parts. This way it won't spoil the whole look. But don't use it too much.

   While building, think about how this terrain will influence your gameplay - does the infantry base fit, which floor will be accessible, where the line of sight can be drawn, etc.

   Don't limit yourself with square forms. The bases are square, but that doesn't mean that all the buildings have to.

   Don't be afraid to try something new and you will definitely build the ideal gaming board!