Mint Dragon - miniature painting contest

   Everyone knows about Golden Daemon, Crystal Brush, and other miniature painting contests. Today we'll tell you about Mint Dragon - the event, which took place in Moscow this September. What is so special about it? First - it's organized in Russia. Second - it's a complex event, including not only the competition, but master-classes, lessons for different levels, exhibitions, and even wargaming fare, where you could buy painting accessories. And the main thing - miniatures. The works, presented there really blow your mind. Such skilled painters really deserve international attention. Our editors have chosen some, which they liked most. You can check the other works at the official site and in groups.(the links at the end of the post)

"La bande en parade" - Category "Painter: Tough guys fight". 1 place Sergey Stark - “Emissary of Law”

"La bande en parade" - Category "Player: Tough guys fight". 1 place Sergey Simonov - “Whiskey Golem”

"La bande en parade" - Category "Player: Pands parade". 1 place Oleg Evsiukov - “Nikodem”

"Single fantasy miniature" - 2 place Aleksandra Cvetanowski - “Ragnar the Skysplitter”

"Single sci-fi miniature" - 3 place Vasily Ermolaiv - "Maligant Plaguecaster”

"Modern and sci-fi unit" - 1 place Sergey Gibin - “Iron Warriors Legion Tactical Squad” - Special prize from Army Case (the best unit)

"Modern and sci-fi unit" - Finalist Grigory Guslitskov - “Imperial Space Marines”

"Monsters!" - 1 place Ben Komets - “Magic Turkey” - Special prize from Aradiz Miniatures (The best monster)

"Monsters!" -  Finalist Anton Odrov - “Black Knight”

"Monsters!" - Finalist Anton Lunev - “Khorne Bloodthister”

"Large scale miniatures" - 2 place Stanislav Kurilenko - “Henry VIII”

"Dioramas" - 1 place Matt Cexwish - “The Walrus & The Carpenter”

"Bust" - 2 place Matt Cexwish - “Tywin Lannister”

This is a small part of all those amazing miniatures which took part in the competition. Find more photos of these and other models:

Mint Dragon official site: