Sci-Fi 32 mm

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Lots of wargames use exactly 32 mm scale : Infinity, WH40k, Star Wars Legion, Warmachine, Necromunda Underhive, Shadow War - Armageddon, Kill Team. The most popular format.

Nowadays scales such as 35 mm (1/52), 30 mm (1/60), 28 mm (1/64, S) have merged and are called "32 mm". In reality, miniatures from 28 mm up to 42 mm up to the crown are waiting for you here. Modern designers tend to increase sizes, Warhammer is growing from 28 to 28 "Heroic", and now there are 40 mm Primarises. Malifaux is listed as 32 mm, but in reality there are no miniatures below 35 mm for it. There are many other examples as well. That is what happens to scales now.

We hope you will find here all the soldiers you need for your roster or table game!