Awesome diorama photos

   It's time to have a rest from discussing Warhammer 40000 new edition. Here're some awesome photos from Vatsal Kataria - a photographer who takes extremely realistic diorama photos and not only them. Although he is not straightly connected to the wargame world, some of these ideas might be useful for your miniature photos.

    Vatsal Kataria is a commercial photographer from India. who likes to make creative live-style photos. He thinks that creativity comes from watching, so he doesn't need complicated instruments to create a masterpiece. 

   Vatsal likes creative and conceptual photo-sessions. He also likes to create mini dioramas and implement his dreams into live this way.

   He doesn't use expensive materials for his dioramas. He creates all of them himself, so he can be definitely called a modeler and hobbyist.

   He sais that he uses simple materials. For example, old paper for hills, plaster for rocks and roads and all the other modeling technologies, we all are interested in. 

   It usually takes 3-15 days to make one idea into life. So, these photos are really valuable.  

    Vatsal is sure that a great photo can be made without expensive instruments and equipment. The main thing is inspiration. Well, you can't deny this looking at his great photos.