Ideas for lava terrain

   Many wargamers admire gaming boards, imitating lava field. Today we'll look at some ideas of how to imitate it.

   Sure, the easiest way is to buy a battle mat. But if you want volume you'll have to use your hands and imagination.

   The absolute majority of such guides suggest using insulation foam for such gaming board. This material is light and easy to work with. Also, it's not so hard to get as it seems.

   You can imitate water surface on the almost flat table. However, this doesn't work with lava - you'll have to carve channels - it must flow deeper that the table surface. You can carve it with special instruments for this foam, which melt it, or with an ordinary knife, which is more difficult. 

   Pay attention to the edges - they should look as uneven as possible - it's the earth that is melting and destroying. The cut parts can be used to create hills and stones on the surface.

   There are many recipes for creating lava from the different ingredients. Most of them can be found near the foam. In fact, you can use putty or different glues - depending on what you'd like to see in the end. Don't forget that if lava is hot - it moves, so you'll have to imitate the stream until the substance dries. Anyway, you'll need to paint all the flow.

   There's another way to create a lava gaming board - without making the board itself. Using terrain which already contains lava. You'll need the same materials. And you can combine them with standard terrain frog Games Workshop.

   Such terrain won't add a new dimension to your gaming board, but it's easier to make and ou can put it on any table you want. 

   We'll describe ways to paint lava in one of our upcoming tutorials.