Khorne Bloodbound conversions

   There's still nothing interesting in Warhammer 40K. So, we continue to look for something awesome in other wargames. For example, Impstudios has finished working on the Khorne Bloodbound army. And it's really interesting - firstly, because if the unusual kitbashes, which make even the same starter models look unusual.

   Like a headsman’s blade, the Bloodbound sweep down upon their foes with terrifying violence. The ground shudders at their onset, for they come in numbers fit to flood the land. The harsh blare of bone warhorns and the savage chant of war cries roll before them, mingled with the reek of spilled blood. 

   The Bloodbound charge on through clouds of arrows and blasts of sorcerous power, trampling their own fallen in their eagerness to kill. When they smash headlong into their foes they do so with a mighty, rending crash. Axes rise and fall, blood gushes, and those who stand against the Blood God are slaughtered wholesale

   Throughout the Mortal Realms, voices beyond count scream praise to Khorne. Everywhere, ragged knights and tribal warriors daub themselves withthe Blood God’s rule, fighting and killing in his name. However, though any warrior may offer up his soul to Khorne, only those who prove worthy are chosen by their god in return.

   These are the Bloodbound, the most powerful, belligerent and murderous of Khorne’s devotees, and they are a curse upon the Mortal Realms greater than any other. Tribes, cities, and nations have been toppled by these brutal reavers, and oceans of blood have been shed in Khorne’s name.

   Since the Age of Chaos began, the Bloodbound have plagued every realm. They have rarely known defeat, for their ferocity is almost unstoppable, and over the centuries they have rendered extinct all those mighty enough to oppose them. Even as Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals launch their first devastating strikes against the forces of Chaos, the Bloodbound are far from dismayed

   The warriors of Khorne band together with others of their kind in order to better wreak destruction upon their foes. However, even within the tribal structures of the Bloodreavers and the strange, pseudo-daemonic packs of the Wrathmongers, cooperation lasts only so long as there are sufficient foes against whom to win personal glory. When a Mighty Lord of Khorne gathers a warband of Bloodbound around him, this same phenomenon is writ large.

   Each band of Bloodbound eyes their fellows with open hostility, waiting for any excuse to do violence in Khorne’s name. By finding sufficiently challenging foes to slaughter, the lord holds his frenzied followers together, giving them a common purpose beyond tearing each other apart. Only the greatest champions of Khorne can hold their followers together for more than a few battles or campaigns.

   For those who succeed, a successfully marshaled Bloodbound Warhorde is a terrifying force. Beneath the Mighty Lord of Khorne fights his Gorechosen – the eight champions highest in their lord's favor – and beneath them the warbands. Each of these sprawling hordes is led by further champions –eager to kill their way to a place among the Gorechosen – and consists of killers beyond count. Together, Warbands, Brass Stampedes and more from a bloody tide that sweeps away all before it. When vast numbers of Bloodbound come together their ferocity is almost unstoppable, as countless enemies have discovered to their cost.