Ice base tutorial

Today we'll learn how to imitate cracked ice on the bases. It's a bit complicated but the result is worth it.  It works better with edged bases, like in Malifaux or Warmachine, however you can do it with flat ones just creating a carton edge and remowing it then. All other steps are the same.

First you need to cut out the centre of the base as it's shown on the photo.

Then glue the frame down to flat piece of plastic. No matter, where you get it - you will cur it around the base after you finish, anyway.

You can imitate anything lying under the ice. Just choose any bitz you like, paint them and glue to the plastic base.

For the next step you need some Water Effect. You can buy it in the closest hobby shop, no need to care about the manufacturer. Just remember to lay it with thin layer waiting each one to dry completely. In this case two is enough.

When the water is done, it's time to put some crackle paint. It's much harder to find, but nobody said it all would be easy. Be careful and try to put it as thin as possible.

If you did right, the result should look like this.

You can also add depth and details to your base by shading cracks with blue and drybrushing edges with white.

Thanks for your attention! This bases would perfectly look on icy we have one! Take it here