How to paint visors

Today w'll talk about how to paint flat surface of visors. It's a kind of problem for many hobbysts. Huge space instead of face looks weird, but good freehand is not easy to make. This method is quite easy and doesn't require any special skills. We've chosen AdMech robots for example, but it works the same way with Eldar and any other similar models. Here we use Games Workshop paints, but you can use whatever you like.

First, cover the black primer with 2-3 thick layers of Bloodleter glaze. Then - the shade...which depends. It's OK to use Reikland Fleshshade, Fuegan Orange, Casandora Yellow depending of what colour you'd like to have. By the way, if you want your visor to be blue or green - the method is the same but with the other glaze and shades.

Next, draw the scull with the white paint. You can also draw only eyes or the whole face depending of how skilled you are. The scull is really easy and looks awesome.

Add details to the scull.

Then again apply a couple of glaze layers and some shade. But now use also Nuln Oil Shade before the red\orange one. Be careful this time so that not to hide the scull behind the paints.

Use detail brush to highlight the edges and small details of the scull - this helps it to look more realistic.

Repeat glaze\shades stuff. This time use only one layer of glaze and two layers of Nuln Oil. The result should look like on the photo;

Use a lot of gloss varnish. You can take 'Ardcoat from GW or any other one.

The result looks like this. You can take any other colours to create something special.

Playing such models on empty table is a sin. So, start creating your own amazing table right here

p.s. Great thanks to Georg Malter for his photos.

Sorry, it were taken from a public source without any author info.