Greens stuff chains

Today you will learn how to make chains of any kind using just some Greenstuff and your imagination. 

First, roll a "sausage" of Greenstuff, and flaten it using sculpting instrument, If Greenstuff sticks, just use some water.

Then make it straight and as flat as possible. Cut out all that you don't need.

DIvide this stripe into small equal pieces.

Put another "sausage" onto them...

... and flaten it down. Then you'll need to also divide it into pieces. Try to make the whole construction as flat as possible.

So, your chain is almost done. But it's only the one side. If you want it to hang somewhere, you should make another one, For this you can use Blue Stuff. You can find our guide how to use Blue stuff here

SO, the finished chain should look like this, if you did right,

So, GW are going to release new Kharn model, right?

Great thanks to Simon Black (Lamenter) from for this guide!

When you've done all your conversions, it's high time to think about good table. THe base for it can be easily found here