Green stuff ropes

Today we'll learn to sculpt spacemarines robes from Greenstuff. All Dark Angels and Black Templars lovers should be glad! All we need is greenstuf, sculpting tools, knife and some water to prevent greenstuff from sticking to your fingers.


 It's quite simple. Take a flat piece of greenstuff and put it onto the armor. be sure to cut out all parts that stick out. Use some picture with GW model of this kind and cerefully imitate folds with sculpting tool.

Use separate pieces of greenstuff in order to cover sides, smoothly mixing them with the main part.Be cereful. It's better not to glue hands - they can be usefull to see the final posing in process, however they prevent you from getting into the rececesses.

 For back cloth imitation you will need 2 separate pieces of greenstuff from both sides of backpack holder.


It's even easier. Roll a sheet of grenstuff around the head as shown on photo.

You will definitely need to remove hands at this stage. Shoulderpads will make a lot of problems.


It's better when tabard partly touches the leg. It makes sculpting much easier.

If you need extra folds, put new stripes of greenstuff above the main layer and then carefully mix them with it.

P is for Pathos.

When you've done all your conversions, it's high time to think about good table. THe base for it can be easily found here