Graveyard terrain

   Astrologists have declared the week of Death! Since there is a new Battle tome for Nagash, we shall dedicate this week to this great faction. Today - some graveyard terrain. And the review for the battletome is coming very soon.

   The easiest way to imitate a cemetery on your battleboard is to use separate terrain elements. They can be spread all over the battlemat and used everywhere.

   There are many different manufacturers and you can also cut it yourself from any suitable material.

   And even better thing - sets of terrain with buildings, mausoleums, and fences. For example - famous garden of Mourn by Games Workshop.

   If you add a base, you'll get a complete piece of terrain, almost a battleboard. However, moving the miniatures inside such fence would be difficult.

   And, sure, you can create the whole gaming table - with open graves, different levels of terrain and even LED lights - imitating supernatural lights from another world. 

Just look at those awesome examples!

   Sure, such terrain can also be used for Malifaux and any other fantasy wargames.