Gothic city terrain

   Today we'll see how a gothic city can be made. An interesting battle requires a lot of loss-block and obstacles.

   As usual - the most obvious solution - plastic gaming table by Games Workshop, imitating city ruins. It matches the terrain and looks great, but appears a bit inconvenient - your dice will always fall into the recesses.

   You can get some awesome results using usual GW ruins, some other elements, and your imagination.

   Playing inside such a big city is quite difficult, but it is a masterpiece model itself. 

   There are even resign ruins by other manufacturers. Look solid and match the scale. 

   And our traditional "This can also be laser-cut". Looks simple, but also makes the gameplay interesting. 

   Ruins don't have to stay in the center of the battlefield - they can divide your gameboard into two separate spaces - this way you'll have to try hard to soot your enemy.

   Nonetheless today we are talking about gothic ruins, historical wargame terrain can also be a good example - it shows how the gameboard should be build to keep it possible for gameplay with a lot of buildings.