Fresh Golden Demon miniatures

   We haven't published masterpieces from Golden Demon for a while. Here're some fresh examples, which really impressed us. 

   This Magnus by Andy Wardle was awarded at the latest Warhammer weekender. A fresh one! By the way, which news from this event impressed you most?

   A knight with unbelievable freehands by Karol Rudyk - you watch the process of its creation the whole last year.

Sure, no painting contest can do without some Death Guard. An unusual color scheme by David Soper.

   This Khaine's Avatar by Timothe Bossard reminds us of the supremacy of alternative Forge World models over the old Games Workshop's ones.

Nurgles' orks? Why not/ Steve Perry thinks that it's quite possible.

   Again David Soper, but this time a fantasy miniature. This Orruk boss seems to be one of the most popular modern miniatures.

Really cool Glottkin by Mally Anderson.

   Lizardmen miniatures are unique and impressive. Unfortunately, we often forget about them But Joseph Walker doesn't.

An epic duel by Robin Mcleod.

And in the end - another freehand masterpiece by Karol Rudyk.

Which of your miniatures could be awarded the Golden Demon?