Fantasy Battles terrain that could be re-issued now

   This week Games Workshop have announced a very special terrain set - Warscryer Citadel, which is familiar to old Fantasy Battles players as Skullvane Manse. The tendency to re-issue old terrain sets is great since there are not so many of them made especially for Age of Sigmar. So, we decided to check what other sets could be re-issued this way. 

   For example, Fortified Manor. Sure, like many other buildings of the Old World it doesn't match the AoS atmosphere. But anyway there could be such buildings somewhere in the Mortal Realms. And it's still nice for any other fantasy wargame.

   The Watchtower. Is also on this list. But it can be easily re-built into something more matching the other terrain.

   Temple of Sculls is one of the first candidates to be re-issued since it looks great with other AoS terrain and is also logical in the looming Death campaign. 

   And this set - Eternity Stair & Dreadfire Portal has already found a successor which looks more modern and is not likely to be released again. 

   Anyway, don't forget about the existing AoS terrain while making your battleboard - it looks great and has really special rules. For example - these statues can turn alive and eat enemy models nearby. However, they can also turn against yours if you are not lucky enough. 

  What other examples of old terrain that should be re-issued do you know? Share in the comments!  

   And sure don't forget that you can create totally unique battleboard if you combine different sets of terrain - both prepared and handmade. Don't be afraid to try!