ETC-2017 results

   European Team Championship 2017 has finished. We are very proud to congratulate Russian team with the long-awaited victory! The guys fought bravely and deserved it. We also congratulate all the other teams, regardless of the place taken - it's a great honor to come and present your country. If the battle is not won, it doesn't mean that the war is lost. 

This year the tournament took place in Salamanca, Spain. This is how the first place trophies look like.

You can check the table with final results and see that the struggle was really intense.

   Unfortunately, we don't have access to the official photos from the event. So, just a couple of pics taken by Russian team so that you could imagine how was it.

   Sure, the main thing in any tournament is lessons, you can get from it. So, check all the rosters here