Eldar terrain

   Games Workshop has announced new Eldar terrain - Webway portal. Looks interesting, but simple. We've found some examples how this can be done with your own hands.

   In fact, such terrain is really easy to make. Here you can use laser-cut plastic, MDF, PVC and any other materials. Also, it's not difficult to design such shape.

   Moreover, in this case, 3D printing is quite suitable. These portals look as nice as the official ones. Eldar shapes are easy to print.

   Considering how easy is it to make such ruins, you don't need to limit yourself to shape and size and can create titanic terrain.

Even parts of an old lamp can imitate spirit stones.

   The concept of an old destroyed vehicle looks amazing. It's not easy to suggest that this thing once used to be a plane.

   If you have enough imagination, you can construct a whole city. Don't be afraid to try!