Death Guard new units

   Death Guard release is almost here and there are many wargamers who have already seen the codex and described it in their videos. It's difficult to build tactics yet, since we don't see the whole picture. So, today we'll introduce you the new units. They are completely new for Warhammer 40K, so you may wonder what some of them do. 

   Deathshroud Terminators. These guys are familiar to all Horus Heresy players. and in 40K they also play the role of elite bodyguards. THey have scythes almost like Typhys does, 3 attacks and inbuilt flamers. A serious threat. Also, they can take wounds for the nearby character. However, they have only 2 wounds (T5, 2+, 4++, FNP, sure) And they cost around 70 pts with all their wargear. That makes a squad of only 3 models a doubtful choice - since they aren't more durable than usual DG terminators and if the enemy wants to destroy them before they get to close combat, he will. Too expensive to be so vulnerable.

   But look at Blightlord Terminators. They have everything you might want from Nurgle Terminators. ALso, they have an access not only to Plague Marines arsenal but to all weapons, that usual CSM terminators can take. These guys will surely be one of the best choices. We all love CSM Terminators in this edition. Blightlords are the same, but tougher, and with more weapon choices. What else could you wish?

   Foul Blightspawn. A really interesting guy with an awesome flamer - 2D6 Str, Ap -2, Dam 2. This is the main thing about him. Yes, he also can boost your Blight grenades, but you will take him only to burn down everything - from infantry to vehicles.

   Biologus Putrifier carries special kind of Blight Grenades, which can be combined with the previous guy's ability. Also, he has a potentially dangerous pistol with D6 damage but only 3 inches range. Yet he seems the less interesting character among the new ones. Let's hope that he has some extra special rules that can make him more useful.

   Tallyman - Firstly, a very unusual miniature in the Warhammer 40K universe. ALso, he has interesting special rules. Chaplain-like re-rolls in close combat and the chance to return command points which you have just spent if you roll more than 7 on 2D6. Different, but useful abilities - one of them supposes that you move into close combat, and the other - that you keep him away from everything. So, think about it.

   Plague Surgeon - a rotten version of an Apothecary. Quite a useful guy. He lets you re-roll 1's on FNP rolls. Unfortunately, it's not clear yet, whether he does this in addition with the usual healing, or instead of it. 

   This cute crawler - Myphitic Blight Hauler, gives a cover save to your infantry in 7 inches and can carry missiles, multi-melta, and a special new gun. So, he is an essential part of your army if you prefer matching barefoot. Also, he compensates the lack of heavy weapon squads. 

   We've said much about Plagueburst Crawler mortar and, in general, it does exactly what you expect it to do - an improved version of Vindicator. Nice, but random shots still spoil everything.

   Waiting for the whole codex to discuss tactics and additional abilities. The review is on its way!