Crystal Brush 2018 final results

   We continue to post Crystal Brush-2018 results. Now - all major categories. Photos are taken from Coolminiornot.

 Sci-fi/modern. Single figure.

Through the never - Benjamin Kantor

Mr Clean - Jon Ninas

Magnus The Red - Antony Rodriduez

Fantasy/Steampunk/Historical. Single figure.

Flower Knight - Richard Eaton

Nightmares - Liz Beckley

Slambolicious - Benjamin Kantor


Infinity Nomads - Steve Garcia

Blue Chips - John Margiotta

Sepulchral guard - Anthony Wang


Chaos Varanguard - Eric McCartney

Mortarion - Sam Lenz

I am Fire! I am Death! - Sam Suhre

And the winner in Best Dark Age - Abomination by John Margiotta