Corridor terrain

   Chapter Approved for Warhammer 40K suggests many other ways to play the game rather than the standard one. For example, you can play in cities or narrow corridors. Also, recent Necromunda is created exactly for such terrain. So, we found some ideas of corridor terrain for you - it's a big achievement for any wargamer - to create a battleboard for Zone Mortalis.

   Sure, the main part of such table is walls. Here you can see small sections, which you can easily replace. Your table must have options since you'll get bored of playing in the same setting after a couple of games.


   Yes, we are talking about an official battleboard for Zone Mortalis by Forge World. A beautiful, but not an ideal solution. Forge World resign kits still cost a fortune and weight a lot - it's not easy to transport this table even if it's separated into sections. And it looks quite monotonous - the photos here prove it. 

   It's easy to find solutions from other manufacturers. And also make them yourself. If you are handy enough and have imagination. Pay attention that wider corridors look better and allow you play your miniatures more comfortable. You can even use some tactical maneuvres. 

   MDF terrain might be the easiest solution - light, cheap and you can use it unpainted - there can be yellow walls at the space station, anyway. 

   However, it looks not so attractive and realistic as more expensive sets of terrain. 

   Your game can become really interesting if you add a second floor - now many wargames start using 3rd dimension differently and it's a good idea to make such option for your terrain.

   Also, corridors don't always mean a space station. Here the whole battle happens in the canyon - such table can be improved with water surface or even ruins. Don't be afraid to use your imagination! 

   Such table can become a real masterpiece is you try hard. And due to the quantity of terrain, it will look more interesting and complicated than a usual one.