How to work with Blue Stuff

What is Blue Stuff? Iis a new generation of thermo plastic molding material wich can be reduced to mouldable conditions by inmmersion in hot water during 3 minutes.

Why do I need it? Blue Stuff is great for creating an instant mold of any plastic detail and further copying them using Green Stuff or any other plastic materials. The mold is reusable, the material doesn't stick, so it's a must for any modeller.

Of course, we don't want you to use Blue Stuff for copying and selling original models. (It would be too expensive anyway) However, it's perfect if you've lost or damaged the part, or if you need more copies than there's in the box (Right, GW special weapons?)

How to use it? That's what our guide is made for. Learn to use Blue Stuff quickly and easily.

To begin with, cut a piece of the size you want. Solid Blue stuff is a lot like rubber and is easy to cut with usual knife.

We'll copy a dreadnaught's foot. It's rather massive wich helps to demonstrate how efective Blue Stuff can be. It's not very good with parts of extreme detalisation, but such level of details isn't a problem.

The piece of Blue Stuff should be put into hot water (don't get burned!) The time differs depending on the manufacturer, but in general, you should keep it there for 1-3 minutes.

Once heated, Blue Stuff is flexible and easy to sculpt.

Make it into the required shape and push the part into it. Blue Stuff must cling all over the part.

When it get's cool Blue Stuff will become rubber-hard as it was at the outset. Then you can put the detail out. All manufacturers say that it doesn't stick to the part, but you'd better  keep the part inside a little bit longer.

 Choose any plastic material you like (Green Stuff, Miniput, etc.) and push it into the mold. make sure that the material has filled al the space - it directly affects the further detail's quality.

As you can see, the new detail is a lot like the original one. Some sandpaper work and it can be fitted to it's place. 

Now the mighty dreadnaught in no longer useless. He is ready to bring retribution and death (for the Emperor, of course)

You can watch this video for more details.

Of course not only feet can be copyed this way. Two-side parts are also easy to mold. How? - Check this video

 Blue Stuff can be used even for the assembled models.

That's it! Thanks for being with us. When you assebmle all your models, dont' forget about the terrain. You can get some here

We thank Graven Games for the photos. You can find more at: