Blood angels faction focus

   A lot of new information about the new Blood Angels codex, which we'll see in a week. We've gathered everything in one place for your convenience.

   The Red Thirst basicly brings back Furious CHarge from the previous edition. However, now it works even if you are charged, and +1 to wound seems more effective in the current edition realities. It greatly increases close combat potential of the units without heavy weapons. For example - Reivers or Assault Marines. By the way, all the Primaris units are in the codex as well as the SM vehicles which used to be forbidden for Blood Angels.

   Blood Angels is a chapter with many parts. I mean Death Company - the guys which BA players love so much. A special stratagem lets you join any non-named character to them and share his special abilities. Themed bonuses are always nice.

   The first terminators company is also well-known. They even used to have their special FoC in 7th edition. This stratagem lets you storm your enemies with bolter (unfortunately, only bolter) fire and deal a serious damage if you manage to get into the close combat. 

   Stratagems don't let you forget that BA feel better in close combat and with jump units. This stratagem might help you if you play Maelstrom of War, or if you need to strike a unit behind enemies lines in the middle of the combat. Not so useful, but having it in mind might greatly help you someday. Also, it's cheap.

   Sure, there's special magic. You are not likely to use it for the ordinary librarians, but don't forget that you have Mephiston and Dreadnaught-Librarians...

   Warlord traits are in general, common for SM factions. But they surely won't be useless. 

   Don't forget about legion specifics - since BA have their visions predicting the future, it's quite logical to get 1 command point for each used stratagem. Don't forget - you gain only one point, do not restore all of them.

   Sure, there are new artefacts. For example, this banner will make your gunline even tougher. However, if you've chosen BA, you must be so tired of gunline...

   It's really interesting to find out what the final image of this army will be. Special chapters' SM codices are great chance to make SM more diversified. Maybe, improved close combat and durability will let you change the SM battle paradigm towards the more mobile army.

   And it's also very interesting, how the new Primaris units will behave in the new book's conditions. Mayme some of them will dramatically change their battle role.

   Unfortunately, there are no new miniatures for this release - just an upgrade pack, a sergeant and re-packed Primaris. However, there were a lot of new miniatures in the previous edition. so you still have many accessories to use.