Useful apps for Star Wars: X-Wing

Everyone today has some kind of smartphone in the pocket, let's check, how we can use it for Star Wars: X-Wing.


X-Wing Squadron Builder

This app allows you to create lists, edit and save it for future. It is not perfect, but it works.


X-Wing Firing Arc Cam

X-Wing Firing Arc Cam is an app developed to simulate firing arcs while playing X-Wing miniatures game. All you have to do is turn on your camera and place your ship inside the square. 

X-Wing Battle Computer

Simulate battles for X-Wing Miniatures.


X-Wing Companion

X-Wing Companion (XWC) lets you browse every pilot, ship, maneuver dial, upgrade card and expansion pack available in X-Wing.

X-Wing Squadron Builder

t is not an app, but helps you to create your squadron, even if you don't have android device.